A/H World Literature

Homework – 6-05-2017 to 6-09-2017

nNo AP and Honors Criteria – For Course Selection


Khan Academy SAT Practice

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Students are instructed to copy homework each day from this site into their Evernote Online Assignment Notebooks. They are given time to copy assignments each day at the beginning of class.

*  Students who are absent should be viewing this site before returning to school to make sure they have completed all classwork and homework missed while absent.

Share all Homework with the email found below for your class no later than midnight each night.

Period 3:  sullyhw3@gmail.com

Period 8:  sullyhw8@gmail.com

Students who neglect to complete homework will be assigned to Homework Detention held each Friday after school with Mrs. Graeber.

Homework Rubric 2015-2016

Class-Participation-Cooperation-Rubric-2015-2016 – iPads are needed every day for class; students must bring the iPad charger to class each day.

* Extremely Important for Class Participation/Cooperation Grade: Dress Code:  Dress Code

Poetry Project Format

Annotated Bibliography – Poetry Project Rubric


Poetry Project Format



Shakespearean Sonnets

Monday:  –   6-05-17 Assessment Schedule (30 min. periods)

Daily Lessons:    Sophomore Practice Exam 2017

*Your English Assessment will be tomorrow, Tuesday, June 6.

Homework: Review for your ELA Assessment which will be tomorrow. Review your Practice Assessment and practice your Quizlets to prepare for your Assessment.

Period 3:  sullyhw3@gmail.com

Period 8:  sullyhw8@gmail.com

Tuesday:   6/06/2017 –   Assessment Schedule (30 min. per.)

 Daily Lesson: ELA Final Assessment

Period Three:  Assessment Time 8:50 – 9:45 – Report to Rm. 145 – McDermott

Period Eight:  Assessment Time 8:50 -9:45 – Report to Rm. 21 – Flanagan

Homework: No Assignment

Homework Email Period Three:  sullyhw3@gmail.com

Homework Email Period Eight:  sullyhw8@gmail.com

Wednesday:  6/07/17 –  No Classes – Graduation

Daily Lesson:  

Homework: No assignment

Homework Email Period Three:  sullyhw3@gmail.com

Homework Email Period Eight:  sullyhw8@gmail.com

Thursday: 6/08/17 – Assessment Schedule (30 min. periods)

 Daily Lesson:

1.  Period Eight:  Complete presentations.

2.  Period Three: Summer Reading Preview

 Homework: No Assignment

Homework Email Period Three:  sullyhw3@gmail.com

Homework Email Period Eight:  sullyhw8@gmail.com

Friday:   6-09-17 – Assessment Schedule (30 min. periods).

Actively Learn Assignment

Your login for www.activelylearn.com is your eight-digit student number 2019xxxx@pjphs.org. I believe that I directed all students in third period to use: sullivan 3 as a password and all students in eighth period to use the password: sullivan8.

Jason Cross:  Read my email for your login – you used something different.

Period Three:   https://read.activelylearn.com/#student/reader/412324/notes

Period Eight: The Story of an Hour

 After reading the story and answering the three questions, preview your summer reading choices by going onto amazon.com and reading reviews.

Summer Reading Assignments:

Required Nonfiction Assignment: Hillbilly Elegy  by J.D. Vance

Required Fiction Assignment: Choose one book from the following list:

1.  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn – Betty Smith * A favorite of both Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Timmons!

  • Can be found as pdf online!

2.  The Things They Carried – Tim O’Brien

3.  Shoeless Joe – W.P. Kinsella

4.  To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee (Can be found as a pdf online).

5.  Kindred – Octavia Butler

6.  A Time to Kill – John Grisham

Homework: No Assignment

Homework Email Period Three:  sullyhw3@gmail.com

Homework Email Period Eight:  sullyhw8@gmail.com