A/H World Literature

Homework – 12-11-2017 to 12-15-2017

  Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

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Objective Writing: Definition & Examples

The Canterbury Tales – Character List

canterbury_characters Prologue

“The Prologue” from The Canterbury Tales







Wife of Bath’s Tale.pdf

Monday: 12/11/17 – Letter D Day Regular Schedule – (45 min. periods)

Daily Lesson:  12/11/17:

1.  “The Pardoner’s Tale” – Literary Analysis – Applying the Skills p. 134:  Allegory, Reading for Clarification, Vocabulary Lesson: Prefix -apo p. 135

2.  Grammar Lesson:  Who / Whom

Homework:  12/11/17:  Begin to prepare for “The Pardoner’s Tale” Test which will be on Wednesday by completing pages 90, 91, and 92 of “The Pardoner’s Tale Packet.

Homework Email Period Four:  sullyhw4@gmail.com

Homework Email Period Seven:  sullyhw7@gmail.com

Tuesday:  12/12/17 – Letter E Day –  Assembly A Schedule NHS Induction – (37  min. periods

Daily Lesson:  12/12/17: 

1.  Review for Wednesday’s Test on “The Pardoner’s Tale.”

2.  Work on Facebook Project.

Homework 12/12/17:  Study for your test tomorrow on “The Pardoner’s Tale.” Review your Quizlets, Literary Analysis Terms, and Vocabulary as well as the tale itself. Make sure that you reread it. 

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Homework Email Period Eight:  sullyhw8@gmail.com

Wednesday:  12/13/17 –  Letter F Day – Regular Schedule – 45 min. periods

Daily Lesson:  12/13/17: 

1.  Test on “The Pardoner’s Tale.”

2.  After the Test:  Create a Quizlet using the Vocabulary Lists A & B and the Literary Analysis Terms and Reading Strategy for “The Wife of Bath’s Tale.

Wife of Bath’s Tale.pdf

Homework:  12/13/17: Finish the Quizlet that you began in class today for “The Wife of Bath’s Tale.”  Share your Quizlet with me no later than midnight tonight.

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Thursday: 12/14/17 –  No Classes Today – Teacher In-Service Day

Daily Lesson:  


Homework Email Period Four:    sullyhw4@gmail.com

Homework Email Period Seven:  sullyhw7@gmail.com

Friday: 12/15/17 – Letter A Day – SSR – Extended HR Schedule – 43 min. periods

Daily Lesson: 

1. Before Reading Activities for “The Wife of Bath’s Tale.”

2.  Begin to read:  “The Wife of Bath’s Tale.”

Wife of Bath’s Tale.pdf

Homework: No Assignment