American Literature

Homework – 2-12-18 to 2-16-18

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Getting to Know You Friendly Letter 2017 Juniors

Friendly Letter Format

Archetype in Literature: Definition & Examples

The crucible: a play in four acts

Main Characters in The Crucible – Video & Lesson Transcript _ Study

Crucible Act I Questions

Crucible Act II Vocabulary Lists A and B

The Crucible Act II Vocabulary Exercises

Crucible Act II Literary Analysis, Reading Strategy, and Vocabulary pages 506-507

Crucible Act III Vocabulary Warm Up Lists A and B

American Literature Semester Assessment Study Guide 2018

Monday: 2/12/18 –  Regular Schedule -45 min. periods

*  Eighth Period Class Meeting for All Juniors

Daily Lesson: 

1. Unit 6 Vocabulary Test

2.  After the test: Complete the Crucible Act IV Handout.

* Please fill out the following survey for Mr. Mullarkey’s class by clicking the link:  Sleep Survey (Juniors)

Homework: No Assignment

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Tuesday:  2/13/18 – Regular Schedule – 45 min. periods

The crucible: a play in four acts

Daily Lesson: 

1.  Begin to read Act IV of The Crucible

2.  Crucible Act IV Vocabulary Warm-Up Word Lists

Homework:  2/13/18: No Assignment

Wednesday:  2/14/17 – Ash Wednesday – Liturgy Schedule – 35 min. periods

Daily Lesson: 2/14/18:

1. Continue to read Act IV of The Crucible.  Your test on Act IV will be next Thursday.

2.  Begin the Critical Reading Questions for Act IV if time allows.

Homework:  2/14/18: Finish the Critical Reading Questions for Act IV of The Crucible. Your Act IV Test will be next Thursday.

Period Three:

Period Eight:

Thursday: 2/15/18 –  Regular Schedule – 45 minute periods

Daily Lesson:  2/15/18

1.  Begin the Literary Analysis, Reading Strategy, and Vocabulary Lesson for Act IV pages 558-559.

 * Period 8 – Finish reading The Crucible and begin the Critical Reading Questions

Homework:  2/15/18:  Finish the Literary Analysis Questions and Vocabulary Lesson on pages 558-559

* Period 8 – Finish the Critical Reading Questions.

Homework Email Period Three:

Homework Email Period Eight:

Friday: 2/16/17 – Principal’s Holiday – No Classes Today

 Daily Lesson: