Creative Writing

Homework – 6-05-17 to 6-09-17

Creative Writing Class

Daily Class Lessons Appear in Blue Under Each Day Below.

Daily Homework Assignments Appear Under Each Day in Red Below.

Students are instructed to copy homework each day from this site into their Evernote Online Assignment Notebooks. They are given time to copy assignments each day at the beginning of class.

*  Students who are absent should be viewing this site before returning to school to make sure they have completed all classwork and homework missed while absent.

Share all Homework with the email assigned for their class (See below) no later than midnight each night.

Second Semester:

Students who neglect to complete homework will be assigned to Homework Detention held each Friday after school with Mrs. Graeber.

Homework Rubric 2015-2016

Class-Participation-Cooperation-Rubric-2015-2016 – iPads are needed every day for class; students must bring the iPad charger to class each day.

* Extremely Important for Class Participation/Cooperation Grade: Dress Code:  Dress Code

The Ballad

What is Rhythm in Poetry?

“The Highwayman”

Loreena McKennitt: “The Highwayman”

Write Your Own Ballad Assignment

Original Ballad Scoring Rubric

Poetic Devices

Monday: 6-05-17 – Assessment Schedule (30 min. Periods)

Daily Lesson: Continue to watch the movie And Then There Were None.

Homework: No Assignment

 Tuesday:  6-06-17 – Assessment Schedule  (30 min. periods)

Daily Lesson:  Finish watching And Then There Were None.

Homework: No Assignment

Wednesday: 6-07-17 – Graduation – No Classes

Daily Lesson:  

Homework: No Assignment

Thursday: 6-08-17- Assessment Schedule (30 min. periods)

Daily Lesson:   Book Spine Poetry

Homework:  No Assignment

Friday:  6-09-16 – Assessment Schedule  (30 min. periods).

Letter to Yourself  Assignment:

Read the following Article (first link), then using the second link ( write a letter to yourself which you will receive in ten years. Please send it to me as well at the following email address: Make sure that you change the year to 2027!!!

 Writing a Letter to Your Future Self