Creative Writing

Homework – 4-23-18 to 4-27-18

Creative Writing Class

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Students are instructed to copy homework each day from this site into their Evernote Online Assignment Notebooks. They are given time to copy assignments each day at the beginning of class.

*  Students who are absent should be viewing this site before returning to school to make sure they have completed all classwork and homework missed while absent.

Share all Homework with the email assigned for your class (See below) no later than midnight each night. Assignments completed late will receive only half-credit. 

Second Semester:

Students who neglect to complete homework will be assigned to Homework Detention held each Friday after school with Mrs. Graeber.

Homework Rubric 2015-2016

Class-Participation-Cooperation-Rubric-2015-2016 – iPads are needed every day for class; students must bring the iPad charger to class each day.

* Extremely Important for Class Participation/Cooperation Grade: Dress Code:  Dress Code

Friendly Letter Format

Shrunken Sullivan Creative Writing Project

Mini-Mystery Creative Writing Assignment

Mini Mystery Rubric

Beginnings, Middles and Ends: Crafting the Mystery

Poetry Prezi

 Punctuation and Line Breaks in Poetry

The Original “Where I’m From” Poem

Prewriting for Where I’m From Poem

Poetry Notes

Figurative Language Prezi

 Punctuation and Line Breaks in Poetry

The Ballad

What is Rhythm in Poetry?

Original Ballad Rubric

Blackout Poetry Rubric


How to Write a Song Parody

Satire, Parody, or Spoof: Types of Humorous Writing

Writing a News Release: What’s Newsworthy?

Fake News Story Project

Fake News Story Rubric

Characterization: Character Roles & Dialogue in Fiction

Direct Characterization: Definition & Examples

Indirect Characterization: Definition & Examples

What is Plot? – Examples & Definition

How Dialogue Propels Action

Style in Fiction: Dialect & Figures of Speech

Writing Revision: How to Fix Mistakes in Your Writing

Editing for Mechanics: Definition & Concept

Rubric for Creative Writing – Shrunken Project

Monday: 4-23-18 – Letter C Day – Regular Schedule – 45 min. periods. Junior Retreat for Girls

Daily Lesson  

 1. Work on the “Where I’m From Poem.”

The Original “Where I’m From” Poem

Prewriting for Where I’m From Poem

Homework:  Work on completing your “Where I’m From” Poem. It will be due by midnight Thursday night.

 Tuesday:  4-24-18 – Letter D Day –  Regular Schedule – 45 min. periods 

Daily Lesson:  4/24/18:

 1.  Begin to revise and edit your poem, inserting figurative language and correct punctuation at the ends of lines.

Where I’m From Poem – Student Example 2017 – YouTube

Where I Am From Poem Student Example

Homework:  Work on the revision and editing of your “Where I’m From” poem. It is due by midnight Thursday night.

Wednesday: 4-25-18 – Letter E Day – Extended HR Period for Junior Class Mass Practice – 43 min. periods

Daily Lesson:

1. Place final touches on your “Where I’m From” poem; it is due on Thursday at midnight.  This is the last day we will work on it in class.

Homework:  Complete the revision and editing of your “Where I’m From” poem.  It is due by midnight tomorrow night.

Thursday: 4-26-18: Letter F Day –  Regular Schedule – 45  minute periods

Daily Lesson: 

1.   Introduction to The Ballad

Write Your Own Ballad Assignment

Original Ballad Scoring Rubric

2.  Ballad Examples:

“The Highwayman”

Homework:  Upload your “Where I’m From” Poem to by midnight tonight.

Friday:  4-20-18 –  Letter A Day –  RegularSchedule – 45 min. periods.

Daily Lesson:

1.  The Ballad 

The Ballad

What is Rhythm in Poetry?

2.  Begin to brainstorm ideas for your Ballad

Homework: Come to class on Monday with a topic for your Ballad.