Khan Academy SAT Practice


Instructor: QuickStart (Part 1) – YouTube

QuickStart for Instructors Part 2

Instructor QuickStart Part 3 from Turnitin

Instructor QuickStart Part 4 from Turnitin – YouTube


Turnitin.com Grade Anything Demos


Did I Plagiarize?

 Class Procedures Prezi

Welcome back to school!  Click on the name of your class  above and and access Homework as well as the resources on the Vocabulary,Literature, Literature Circles, Writing, and Research pages.

A copy of the Course Outline for each course is also available using the link choices on the left of each Course Page. There is a Read-Only copy as well as a link to download a copy of the Course Outline.

Parents:  Please read all material contained on the Parent Page.  Copies of the Course Outline and Classroom Rules and Procedures will be provided to you on Back-to-School Night.

The following are some helpful resources for this course as well as for Science and Math courses:

Student Names Random Order

SAP Link

Castle Learning

Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop

Sadlier Teacher Resources

Vocabulary Practice 

Khan Academy – Math and Science Videos

Using Google Docs Correctly

Christmas Jeopardy

Smartboard Activities

Super Teacher Tools


Writing Resources

Games Explained – The Great Dalmuti – YouTube


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